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Dresden is the town of history and capital of Saxony. It is situated in a valley on the River Elbe, and has appr. 530,000 residents.

First known permanent settlement on the site was constructed by the Slavic tribes in late 12th century. Dresden became the capital of the margraviate of Meissen after 1270. City’s historical center was badly destroyed by bombardment of the Allied airforces during the World War II. Dresden today is a perfect example of industrious reconstruction and preserving historical buildings.

What to do and see in Dresden


Lutheran church Frauenkirche has the largest domes in Europe and it is a beautiful example of Baroque architecture. Originally built 1726–1743, the church were destroyed in the mass bombings of Dresden during the World War II. After the reunification of Germany, church were completely reconstructed 1994-2005, as well as surrounding Neumarkt square.

Green Vault (Grünes Gewölbe)

This unique museum complex in the Royal Palace houses the largest collection of treasures in Europe. It depicts furniture and artifacts from Renaissance and Baroque to Classicism as well as the crown jewels of Saxon and Polish royalty, and beautiful ornaments made of ivory and amber. The Vault is divided in two sections: The Historic Green Vault with an entrance chamber and the larger exhibition of jewelry and the New Green Vault having more rooms and individual retrospect on artifacts. Here a visitor can see also the only large naturally green diamond ever been found, Dresden Green.

Baroque Quarter

This area reaches from the Heinrichstrasse up to the Albert Platz. It is known for its beatiful Baroque architecture. There is charming antique stores at Heinrichstrasse, and the area has other small shops, where a visitor feels extreme hospitality and good service.

Großer Garten

This Baroque park near the historical center was established in 1676, and it has been open to public since 1814. On the southern edge of the area is located the Dresden Zoo, and also the Botanic garden is part of it. There is a miniature train in the park, and rollerblading or trips with the small boats on the small lake Carolasee are possibilities.


  • The main shopping district is located between Ferdinandplatz and Sankt-Petersburger Straße, continuing northwest to Wilsdruffer Straße.
  • Äußere Neustadt has many small shops selling books, vinyl records and clothing.


  • Guided tour through the Semperoper opera house is a splendid way to feel culture in Dresden. More information here.
  • The center of nightlife is the Neustadt area with several pubs and clubs.
  • A great annual cultural happening in June is the culture festival Bunte Republik Neustadt depicting live music, art performances and a street party.

Photos: With the CC licence / Gryffindor, Mars 2002, Kay Körner,SvenS D, Ad Meskens

May 11, 2019 - Sat
Dresden, Saksa
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Top 5 in Dresden

  1. The Green Vault Museum
  2. Reconstructed Frauenkirche
  3. Pubs in Neustadt
  4. Botanic Garden
  5. Baroque Quarter

How to get in Dresden

  • International Dresden-Klotzsche Airport serves the region, locating in Klotzsche district, 9 kilometres north of the city centre. List of its destinations is here. Bus lines 77 and 97, and tram line 7 operates traffic to/from the city center (one should change for the bus at tram station Infineon Nord). Also the train line S2 is the connection.
  • Dresden is served by two big train stations, one on the northern side of the Elbe River, Dresden Neustadt, and one on the southern side, Dresden Hauptbahnhof. There are train connections from all major German cities to Dresden being operated by the Deutsche Bahn (DB). See the timetables and ticket prices here.
  • Routes 4 and 17 lead to Dresden, route 13 leads from Berlin to Dresden (193 kilometres).

How to get around in Dresden

  • Public transportation in Dresden is organized by trams, buses, commuter railway and ferries. Timetables and the route network of buses and trams are here.  More information here.
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