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Triglav National Park

Location: Upper Carniola region. Additional information about train timetables.

The majority of Slovenia’s 400 two-thousand metre mountains are located within this adorable national park and forests cover two thirds of its surface. Slovenia’s highest peak, 2,864 metres high Mount Triglav of Julian Alps highland, is located at the center of the park. A visitor can pass the time with various water sports in glacial Lake Bohinj in the summer, while in winter people come to ski at nearby Vogel and to ski tour. Notable attractions are e.g. the waterfalls of Savica and Peričnik, and Radovna River gorge within the Blejski Vintgar trail reacheable by foot or a bicycle. In the Soča river kayaking and rafting are possible.

Photo: Franco Pecchio

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Ljubljana Castle

Location: Grajska planota 1, Ljubljana.

Present castle complex in this site was built between 15th and 17th centuries, but the hill under it has been settled since 1200 BC. A funicular railway to the top of Castle Hill has been serving visitors since 2006.  It is the biggest castle of Ljubljana and its main attractions include the Museum of Slovene History and the Virtual Castle documentary in the chapel. Castle’s viewing tower offers an idyllic vantage over the Ljubljana and mountain range nearby. There is a café in courtyard and a restaurant serving traditional Slovenian food in the chapel.

Classic guided tours and a tour named Time Machine are available.

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Škocjanin Caves (UNESCO)

Location: Matavun 12, Divača. Additional information about train timetables.

This appr. 6 kilometres long cave system reaches depth of 223 metres at its lowest point. This enormous underground complex is a rare and delightful experience, including Martelovi Hall, reaching 146 m height and a width of 120 m, ending in 2,6 kilometres long underground river canyon. Colorful mix of collapse dolines, river canyons and sink are breathtaking views with the large stalactites in the Great Hall. Guided tours take place every day throughout the year. Tour takes about 1 hour 45 minutes.

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Photo: Paul Asman and Jill Lenobl


Žiče monastery

Location: Slovenske Konjice municipality. Additional information about train timetables.

In beautiful alpine Savijnska region, this former Carthusian monastery or charterhouse in the narrow valley of Žičnica Creek is a historic site above the average. It was founded between 1155 and 1165, and was the first Carthusian site outside France and Italy. The municipality occasionally organizes guided visits and nearby a visitor can find the Viva Sana herb shop and an oldest inn of Slovenia still welcoming the travelers, Gastuž.

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Dragon Bridge

Location: Ljubljana

This triple-hinged road bridge crossing the Ljubljanica River was opened in 1901 and is a fine example of Vienna Secession architecture and remain of Slovenia as a part of the mighty Austro-Hungarian Empire. Notable details are four dragon statues of the bridge, hence a dragon as the symbol of city of Ljubljana. The local legend claims that when a virgin crosses the bridge, the dragons will wag their tail.



Location: Drava Region. Train connection from Ljubljana. Additional information about train timetables.

Maribor is the second-largest city in Slovenia with appr. 114,000 residents and it houses a university. Notable sights are the 13th-century Maribor Castle, the synagogue and the Pohorje mountain range near the city.

Photo: Daniel Thornton

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Location: Upper Carniola. Additional information about train timetables. Bus routes between Bled and Ljubljana airport available.

This adorable city and spa resort is located on the island of the Lake Bled, only one within the Slovenian borders. It is popular tourist attraction for its golf courses, spa, walking and coaching trails around the lake, traditional boats and congress facilities. It is nearby the Triglav National Park. Lake region has something for every taste and it is the top of Slovenian luxuries.

Photo: Bryan Pocius



Location: Piran municipality, Primorska Region. International airport. Transportation.

This beach resort is one the biggest in Europe and pampers visitors with many ways. There is wellness treatments, vivid beach life, casinos and chances to trek by feet or horseback riding on the beautiful Istrian terrain. Portorož is very shining and luxurious sight for a single part time-gambler as well as families.

Photo: Nicolas Vollmer


Postojna Cave

Location: Postojna, Litter-Inner Carniola Region.  Bus connections fron Ljubljana, Koper, Rijeka and Nova Gorica to Postojna. Additional information about train timetables.

This 24 kilometers long karst cave complex is second-longest in the country and very popular nature sight. Cave consists of astonishing web of tunnels, passages, galleries and stalactite halls, as well as an aquarium showing life of an endemic olm fish, an a double-track railway.

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Photo: Doc Searls

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