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Germany essentials


Speicherstadt (UNESCO)

Location: Hamburg. International airport. Train connections to Hamburg from all major cities.

Within the port of Hamburg, HafenCity quarter, lies this orgulous and historical warehouse district. This 26 hectares wide area is full of red-brick warehouse structures and lovely tiny canals.

There are several museums like the Miniatur Wunderland (a model railway), the Hamburg Dungeon and the Afghan Museum. It was awarded with the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015.

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Neuschwanstein Castle

Location: Neuschwansteinstraße 20, Schwangau. Near Füssen.

This neo-Romanesque Bavarian castle, opened to public incomplete in 1886,  is one of the most popular sights in Germany with 1,3 million annual visitors. It is commissioned as an homage to the great German composer Richard Wagner and one of its main attractions is The Hall of the Singers decorated with the themes from the operas Lohengrin and Parzival by Wagner. Neuschwanstein has been the inspiration of Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle and similar structures.


Hoftbräuhaus am Platzhall

Location: Platzl 9, Munich

This unique beer hall as a center of Bavarian beer culture was built in 1589 by Bavarian Duke Maximilian I and is one of the oldest of its kind. Bierstube include a ballroom and a huge open-air beer garden. It serves typical German and Bavarian cuisine, such Bratwurst, Weisswurst and soft pretzels among multiple labels of beer. The restaurant is an extension of the Hofbraühaus München brewery, where a visitor can join to guided tour and learn about the beverage which the Germans are famous about,  beer.



Location: North Rhine-Westphalia state. Train connections to Amsterdam,  Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt am Main and Berlin.

Cologne is the center of the German Rhine Valley and historically important metropol located on both sides of Rhine River.

Its well-known landmark is the Gothic cathedral, which was built as a 600 years long project and has been UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. Another notable attractions in this gem of Rhine are the Reinpark, the Innenstadt area with twelve Romanesque churches and the Hohe Straße as a shopping district.


Dresden Frauenkirche

Location: Neumarkt, Dresden

This Lutheran church features the largest domes in Europe and it is a beautiful example of Baroque architecture. Originally built in 1726–1743, the church was destroyed in the mass bombing of Dresden during World War II and an atheistic regime of Eastern Germany left the ruins as a war memorial. After the reunificiation of Germany, church was completely reconstructed in 1994-2005, along with the surrounding Neumarkt square.


Bad Herrenalb

Location: Baden-Württemberg state

This famous spa town and area nearby situated in the northern part of the Black Forest region, is suitable for many kinds of action. Relaxing in the spa with the chances of mountainbiking, hiking or paragliding in Black Forest Nature Park are good possibilities, among playing of tennis and golfing. This area is suitable for both a regular adrenalinist and a therapy-seeking mind.


East Side Gallery

Location: Mühlenstrasse, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district, Berlin

This art memorial of freedom consists of preserved section of the Berlin Wall, the “hinterland mauer”, which closed the border to West Berlin. It is the main attraction of Berlin. It is 1,3 kilometres long and shows 105 paintings by artists all over the world, painted in 1990, some of them restorated slightly afterwards. It is possibly the largest and longest-lasting open air gallery in the world and a definite must-see.


Saat meiltä jopa 80 %:n säästön hotellitarjouksestasi.


Museumsinsel (UNESCO)

Location: Mitte, Berlin

This museum district located in the northern half of an island in the Spree River is one of the top culture sites of Berlin.

It consists of five museums, all part of the Berlin State Museum complex:

– The Pergamon Museum

– The Altes Museum

– The Neues Museum

– The Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery)

– The Bode Museum

The museum district has been UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. Berlin City Pass holder has free entry to all museums.



Location: Siesmayerstraße 61, Westend-Süd district, Frankfurt am Main.

This 22 hectares wide area is pacifying part of the Frankfurt metropol. The botanical exhibition of this garden is organized according to their origin in free-air or climatized greenhouses,  which also contain numerous tropical and subtropical plants. Directly bordering the area lies the Frankfurt Botanical Garden and together these gardens form a remarkable botanical district on the side of urban metropol area.

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