• Capital: Athens
  • Form of government: Republic
  • Area: 131,940 km2
  • Religion: Orthodox 98%
  • Phone number: +30
  • Language: Greek
  • Time difference: 0

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Finnair and Norwegian have direct flights from Helsinki to Athens. Finnair also has flights to Crete.


In Greece, there are ferry connections between the islands. Many companies operate from Piraeus around the archipelago: Blue Star Ferries, Anek Lines, Hellenic Seaways and Minoan Lines.


Embassy of Finland, Athens Address: Hatziyianni Mexi 5, 115 28 Athens – Tel. +30 210 72 55 860 Email: – Website:

  • Travel bulletin from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Generally safe. Be prepared for cash. Demonstrations and strikes possible Read more

Greece essentials


Monasteries of Meteora (UNESCO)

Location: Kalambaka, Thessaly region. How to get in Kalambaka

Situated on the the northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessaly, this complex of six Orthodox monasteries founded on natural sandstone pillars is a remarkable site. Largest of the monasteries is the The Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron and it serves tourist as the main museum. Others are  Holy Monastery of Varlaam,  Holy Monastery of Rousanou/St. Barbara,  Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapauzas,  Holy Monastery of St. Stephen and Monastery of Holy Trinity. No wonder that the site is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is fine part of religious history of Greece and shares the divine panorama view over the Meteora valley.

Photo: Flickr – Javier Vieras

Samaria Gorge

Samária Gorge

Location: Chania, Crete. How to get

This majestic gorge offers a great terrain for a hiker in good physical shape.

Situated in the White Mountains (Lefká Óri), inside the Samária Gorge National Park, the gorge is 16 kilometres long hiking route sharing beautiful and barren Cretan terrain,  with a chance to see a rare Cretan kri-kri goat and visit in abandoned village of Samária. One of the best routes is down the gorge from the Omalos plateau to Agia Roumeli on the Libyan Sea.

Extremely suitable place for a walking enthusiast.

Photo: Flickr – Tim-Dobbelaere


Preveli Beach

Location: Rethymno unit, Crete

With a river lagoon and picturesque palm forest this beach is among the the most beautiful of the kind in Crete. The beach is reachable only by foot or boat. There are two footpaths leading to Preveli Beach, one from the idyllic Preveli monastery (west) and the other from Drimiskiano Ammoudi (east), both are only a few minutes walk. Some cruises start from Plakias or Agia Galini to bring visitors to Preveli Beach, which can be fairly crowded during the high season.


Alsos Forest Park

Location: Nea Filadelfeia suburb, Athens

Covering about 5,000 km2 , this area is considered as the green lung of Athens. It is a beautiful, shadowy forest with an artificial lake, cozy café and church. There is also a famous outdoor cinema, decked out with café style tables and chairs.


Akropolis (UNESCO)

Location: Athens

As one of the well-known examples of archaelogical sites of Greece, Akropolis of Athens speaks best for itself – also as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its current architecture evolved mainly between 460–430 BC and it consists of 21 archaelogical attractions, included famous Doric Parthenon temple, Temple of Athena Nike and the Propylaea gate serving as only entrance to Akropolis. 90 meter high hill gives a great panorama view over the Athens valley. A must-see for a history enthusiast.



Location: North Aegean Region. International airport. Ferry connections to Patmos, Turkey and Piraeus near Athens.

Located on the eastern side of the Aegean Sea and near the coastline of Turkey, the island of Samos is a beautiful seclusion of Greek archipelago.

Its administrative district is an eponymous town of Samos with appr. 6,300 residents.

Island is a well-known beach resort and it has over 200 sandbeaches, most remarkable among these are Psili Ammos between Vathi and Pythagorion,  and Tzamadou known among the nudists.  Nightlife is concentrated on Samos town. Another attractions are e.g. the 2,500 years old Eupalinian aqueduct  in Pythagorion, the The Heraion of Samos sanctuary and the volcano cave in Votsalakia, which was once home of Greek mathematician Pythagoras.

Ferry timeline of Samos



Location: South Aegean Region. International airport in Thera.

Volcanic island of Santorini in the southern Aegean Sea is famous part of Greek archipelago and inhabited since ancient history. It has approx. 2,000 permanent residents and its capital is Fira.

Its beachlife is concentrated on Kamari and Perissa, dark volcanic rock beaches are warmingly very hot and a visitor should wear flip-flops during the sun-bathing and swimming.  Tourist season in Santorini is most vivid in midsummer,  when Kamari and Fira are the centers of island’s nightlife. Bus travels of the island are relatively cheap, appr. 1,5-2 euros.

Photo: Flickr – Maggie-Meng



Location: Ionian Islands. Transportation timetable

This island is the center of the Ionian Islands and a famous tourist resort. The main city and administrative center of the island  (pop. 32, 500) is also named Corfu.

The main attractions of the island include e.g. the Venetian Palaio Frourio fortress and the Palace of St. Michael and St. George Palace in Corfu, the Achilleion palace in Gastouri and beach resort of Kavos.



Location: Athens

This neighbourhood is known for its trendy atmosphere and it houses numerous cafés, bars and live music venues. It had bad reputation, but since 90’s it has been the center of the creative class of Athens and a slightly gentrified area.

Famous poet Lord Byron lived in the neighbourhood during his stay in Athens and here is where he wrote the poem “Maid of Athens”.

Photo: Flickr -Dimitris-Graffin


Cape Sounion

Location: Attica Peninsula. 69 kilometres southeast from Athens. KTEL bus connection to Athens.

This promontory facing the Aegean Sea is the southernmost tip of the Attica Peninsula and a popular day-trip destination from Athens.

Well-known as a vantage point for seeing the most divine sunsets, it also houses the ancient remains of Temple of Poseidon, dating back to the 440 BC. Lord Byron mentions Sounion in his poem “Isles of Greece” and his name was inscribed by carving into one of the columns of the temple.

Photo: Flickr – Klearchos-Kapoutsis

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